CIF: Cost Insurance and Freight-Title, risk and insurance cost pass to buyer when delivered on board. Seller pays the transportation cost to the destination port. Used for sea or inland waterway transportation.

FOB: Free on Board- Risk pass to buyer including payment of all transportation and insurance cost once delivered on board the ship by the seller. Used for sea or inland waterway transportation.

Bill of Entry: Bill of Entry is filed at the Customs port. Delivery of imported goods can be taken after Customs clearance and paying stipulated charges of Port Authority.

Bill of Lading ( Shipping Bill): Suitable Shipping Bill Is Filed at Customs port. After the Customs clearance, shipment is handed over to Airline/Shipping line for export.

LETTER OF CREDIT (L/C): Bank to bank channel of issuing and transferring credit

Major type of L/C are:
100% at sight and confirmed L/C
Transferable L/C
Revolving L/C

TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER (T.T): Importer remits amount into the Exporters bank account.

Letter Of Intent (LOI), Invoice, Full Corporate Offer (FCO), Sale Purchase Agreement.

Harmonised Coding System – Universal Coding Of A Product/Goods.

IEC- Importer Exporter Code- Issued By Director General Of Foreign Trade. Government Of India
GST- Goods And Service Tax. Tax Authority Of India.
APEDA- Agricultural And Processed Food Prodcuts Export Development Authority.

To inspect quality standards of given products.

Various agencies to insure transit risk ( Sea, air, land )

Major inspection agencies ( Third party) like "SGS" and "Dun and Bradstreet" play key role to maintain quality and quantity standards of goods.

Hedging of currency through bank channel to overcome currency fluctuation risk.

20" ( 20 Feet) – carrying capacity, 18 Metric ton
40" ( 40 Feet)- carrying capacity, 36 Metric ton
Refer Container- used to transport perishable goods

Hazardous Products- Products in this category can be Imported-Exported but with special permission of concerned authority.
Restricted Prodcuts- Trading in these category products is strictly banned.

Packaging should be as per Import country standards.

Procedure to destroy harmful pest and insects before export.